Edwina American Academy (EAA) has a mission to provide academic programs of the highest quality to local and international students, empowering them to be global citizens and community leaders.

We strive to create both valuable and memorable experiences for our students by providing the perfect environment for them to make the most progress while being assisted by a professional team of teachers to meet their needs and expectations. EAA will continuously provide assistance as well as guidance to new, former, and prospective students.


To be regionally and internationally recognized for presenting standard of excellence in educational programs that are qualified with quality as well as becoming students’ number one choice.


Goal 1: Ensure that all programs are run with excellence, responsiveness, and integrity. The program will:
• Ensure program administration, program curricula, teaching, and student services are of high quality.
• Maintain strict adherence to the highest professional standards.
• Create and promote collaborative teaching curricula.
• Assist in the development of faculty and staff.
• Developing new programs and courses that meet students’ needs.

Goal 2: The program will:
• Be a resource for internationalizing teaching, research, and professional development.
• Assist students in their preparation for graduate and undergraduate degree programs.
• Make classroom visits easier.

Goal 3: For EAA to maintain a positive, caring, service-oriented, and friendly administrative office and classroom environment in which all faculty, staff, students, and sponsors feel welcome.