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General English

General English classes, which are available at all levels of the Intensive English Program, aim to strengthen students’ English abilities in a wide range of contexts. Through interactive exercises that simulate real-life scenarios, students build communication skills for social and work-related contexts. Listening, fluency development, oral intelligibility, reading, grammar, writing, and vocabulary growth are among the language skills addressed.

The benefit of working in a group of foreign students who all have the same aim in mind: to study a language. Working with like-minded people is stimulating and expedites the development of your level and talents. You will be aided by professional language teachers and new friends who will assist you in putting your new abilities into practice in real-world circumstances.

The levels available are:

A1 (Starters)

A2 (Elementary)

B1 ( Pre-Intermediate)

B1+ ( Intermediate)

B2 ( Upper Intermediate)

C1 ( Advanced)